Welcome to Religion News Spokane!

It’s everywhere. In music, on TV, in architecture, and in one form or another, it’s on your mind.

It’s religion, and we’re going to write all about it.

But not yet. Religion News Spokane is a work in progress. We’re still deciding on an official name for the publication and web geeks are designing the site as you read this.

Spokane is the first of many hyperlocal religion news sites that Religion News LLC will be launching over the next few years. You can read about this digital endeavor here.

This blog is meant to keep you updated on our progress. It’s also a way for you to tell us what YOU would like to see on the site. We want to get to know you, so let’s be Facebook friends, let’s tweet each other and stalk one another on foursquare, shall we?

One response to “Welcome to Religion News Spokane!

  1. Tracy…I was at The Shop girl…what happened? -Eric Blauer

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