Seeking Local Religion Bloggers

Photo by Mike Licht,

OK Spokane writers, this one is for you.

The Religion News Spokane website launches in a few short months and we’re kicking up our hunt for bloggers. If you have something to say, we want to hear from you. If you’re passionate about social justice, local politics or educating people about your particular faith, for example, then you could be one of the spiritual writers we’re looking for.

We’ve already received interest from the local Episcopal and United Church of Christ community, which is great! But we want lots and lots of viewpoints presented on the site, including academics, Buddhists, Christians, nones, etc.

As mentioned in our ‘Participate‘ section of this blog, “Blogging for us is a great opportunity because not only can you voice your thoughts with the community, your contributions are also considered for distribution by our national editors in D.C. And it’s a way for you to voice your thoughts with the community and start a dialogue.”

E-mail editor Tracy Simmons for details, at


3 responses to “Seeking Local Religion Bloggers

  1. Dig the photo!

  2. So where does one start???

  3. One starts by having coffee with ME!

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