Memoir tells story of Polygamist family

Love Times Three is a “love story” about the  Darger’s. And you can probably guess by the title,  this isn’t your typical family. Joe Darger has three wives and 24 children.

This is the family that inspired HBO’s Big Love, although the Dargers say it’s not an accurate portrayal of their life. (They do embrace the show, however).

The book argues for acceptance of plural marriage.

“This book is a love story for us,” Joe said. “But it’s more than that, it’s about our family…and we talk about our faith and what it means for us.”

The Dargers are Independent Fundamental Mormons and are not part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which outlawed polygamy more than a century ago.

The Dargers say that plural marriage is an act of selfless love.

Each of the wives were raised in polygamist families and said although there are major risks with being so open (polygamy is a 3rd degree felony in Utah) about their lifestyle they wrote this book for their little ones.

“The reason we decided to do this is for our children, should they choose to live this way,” said Valerie Darger.

The book is available here.






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