Meet Angie Funnell, our humanitarian service contributor

Blogger Angie Funnell

Angie Funnell is a senior at Gonzaga University and she’s humbled by the injustices in this world. 

She was born and raised in South Africa, has studied in Italy and has lived in various parts of the U.S.  Those experiences, she said, have encouraged her to serve abroad one day, possibly teaching English as a Second Language (which she’s already certified to teach).

“I have a passion for humanitarian service and my faith is the innermost core of my being. My relationship with Christ is the most important aspect of my life. I believe God has called me into a ministry of sharing testimonies of faith with others and learning about other cultures and faiths,” shesaid.

Currently Funnell interns with World Relief and Gonzaga’s Center for Community Action and Service Learning. She writes about social injustice issues and student engagement and will examine why, how and if student’s integrate their faith among these issues.

Twitter: @anginator56




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