Spokane clergy pray outside banks, join Occupy Spokane

God is not pleased with the divide between the rich and the poor.

That was the message today as about 15 mainline Protestant pastors and leaders marched through downtown Spokane, stopping outside of banks and River Park Square to pray and to bless the buildings with holy water and incense.

“We bid your spirit to come down on those who rule with their money and power, and we ask that you stir their hearts with compassion for the lost and the least,” prayed Rev. Kris Christensen of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

The group, called Spokane Protest Chaplains, joined clergy from across the country today in marching with the Occupy movement. Rev. Deb Conklin, pastor of Liberty Park and St. Paul’s United Methodist Churches, said spiritual leaders have an obligation to speak out about the financial injustices plaguing America.

“We’re here today because we believe that … the gap between the rich and the poor has gotten to be immoral, unjust,” she said. “The church needs to talk about what it means for the middle class to be constantly losing ground.”

The Occupy movement recently spread to Colville, which had its first protest over the weekend. For information on how local clergy are getting involved, visit the Spokane Protest Chaplains Facebook page.

View photos of today’s march on our Flickr page here.


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