Thoughts on Occupy Wall St. Protests

Pastor Eric Blauer

Pastor Eric Blauer, of Jacob’s Well, is going to be blogging about current events for Religion News Spokane.  Today he shares his thoughts on the Occupy movement.

I was asked about my thoughts on the OWS protests, so here you go…

I do have a lot of different thoughts on the subject about as many as there are different groups associating with OWS. Which makes an honest discussion hard to have with some folks, because if someone sees their favorite enemy associated with something…it’s easy to dismiss the movement or issue.

There are always flies that can spoil the ointment and nuts that can end up causing problems in any legit endeavor. I am trying to listen to the points of the movement, not judge the people trying to move this conversation forward. I supported the Tea Party and I support the OWS as far as peaceful protest takes place. And by peaceful I don’t mean that I think they should obey every law. Sometimes the greater law trumps the lesser law…MLK JR., Gandhi and especially Jesus and the early Christians showed us this truth. We are to obey and submit to that which God calls just and true.

But the church, true patriots and lovers of justice have always known that there are times to challenge powers. We do this by laying our lives and rights down by submitting to injustice, not fighting back, by being jailed and using all the means available to peacefully protest and raise our voice and provoke and produce action.

The American Church has been as much a ‘power’ for the wealth and greed being demonized on Wall Street. How can the ‘institution’ of church not be held accountable as well, for its billions of dollars of waste and unrestrained consumption. We can’t point the finger at the mounting greed in Government and Wall Street and not look at our own houses as well.

Read full post here.


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