Social services, faith groups call emergency meeting on state budget proposal

Press Release

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church is hosting an emergency summit of social service agencies, faith-based ministries, clergy, people of faith, and others on Nov. 17 to discuss specific impacts of Washington Governor Christine Gregoire’s proposed state budget cuts. In already challenging economic times, the proposed cuts to social services could be devastating to Spokane’s poor, elderly, and sick.

The emergency summit gathers stakeholders and service providers in Spokane to respond to the immediate human need caused by Gregoire’s proposed cuts to social services, and to raise a voice of protest.

The Rev. Kris Christensen, Urban Missioner at Holy Trinity, said, “We are already seeing increased hunger and homelessness in the West Central neighborhood. The proposed cuts will be devastating to our most vulnerable citizens, and the churches and agencies who care for them do not have the resources to fill these gaps.” Holy Trinity’s ministries include HT Dinner Table, a community garden, and extensive outreach to the less fortunate in Spokane’s West Central neighborhood.

“It’s important to understand how our clients are affected by reduced resources in the other ministries and service providers. And it’s critical that clergy and others who are free to advocate within the political arena have a clear understanding of the real-life effects of the decisions being made by our legislators and governor, ” said Christensen.

The emergency summit is open to the public. Light refreshments will be available. The event is scheduled for Nov. 17, at 6:30 p.m. at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 1832 W. Dean in Spokane. Agencies or ministries interested in participating in the summit are encouraged to contact  Christensen at (509) 701-1826. For more about Holy Trinity, visit

To arrange interviews with leadership at Holy Trinity or the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, or for background information, contact Sam Fletcher, Communication Officer for the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, at 509-995-3288 or Find the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane online at


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