Missions on your doorstep

By Blogger Mark Kadel

Blogger Mark Kadel

This week World Relief Spokane is involved with unique opportunities to educate mission-minded people about the local mission possibilities in their neighborhood.

On Tuesday, World Relief presented to 28 Moody Bible freshmen about the practical Christian mission opportunity with the local World Relief office, just blocks from the Moody campus.  World Relief staff gave an hour presentation about refugees, how to become involved and what mission opportunities were available to Moody students.  Nearly every student signed up and many expressed their excitement about reaching out to refugees resettled in Spokane.

This weekend at the Inland Northwest Mission Conference, World Relief will be displaying our programs and I will be speaking at three different workshops on Saturday.  If anyone is interested in knowing more about reaching out to refugees, many coming from the most closed countries in the world to the gospel, please come to our booth or attend one of the workshops.  At 11:00 am on Saturday, I will also be presenting on human trafficking and our programs to help raise awareness and reach victims of this heinous crime in our community.  For more information, you can go the website at: http://www.mcinw.org/

 Mark Kadel is director of World Relief Spokane


One response to “Missions on your doorstep

  1. Great to hear about young people getting involved!

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