Meet Laura Kipp, our pop culture contributor

Laura Kipp

Laura Kipp is a 22-year-old Mormon living in Spokane Valley. Like many young adults, she’s interested in pop culture. Sure, TV, movies and celebrities make her wheels turn, but she’s also fascinated by the latest Internet trends. You know, like those YouTube videos that go viral.

She’s a freelance writer, has worked as a nanny in New York, has a strong interest in psychology and has done a lot of volunteer work, helping  people who have developmental disabilities.

Though pop culture is her focus, from time to time she writes e about various trends she sees among her generation.




5 responses to “Meet Laura Kipp, our pop culture contributor

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  2. Laura, I’m looking forward to reading your blog! Good luck writing.

  3. Looking forward to reading Laura’s comments!

  4. I’m interested to see what Laura has to say. Look forward to seeing her comments.

  5. Laura’s blog will be one of my new ‘favorites’ no doubt. It will be fun to read!

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