Table Talk, with Dr. Karin Heller

By Dr. Karin Heller
Welcome to Karin Heller’s Table talk!

Those who are familiar with Martin Luther’s table talk, should know what to expect from my blog and those who are not, will quickly learn what it is all about! A Catholic woman, theologian, and scholar who invites to a table talk, to a place of exchange with one another in a free, open and respectful way!

Dr. Karin Heller

Since a number of years mostly Protestant or non denominational students have asked me, the Catholic, great and insightful questions.  It’s hard to count the hours I’ve spent to give them a satisfying answer. And what if YOU want to join in this conversation??? Feel free to do so or just be inspired!


3 responses to “Table Talk, with Dr. Karin Heller

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  3. Dear Dr. Heller,
    I’m in your Gospel of Luke class this semester and I have a question about Jesus. The Bible tells us that Jesus is a Rabbi. Was he a real Rabbi, or did people just call him Rabbi because he had authority?

    Also, my Bible History teacher in high school told us that in order to be a Rabbi, you had to married. If Jesus was a real Rabbi, was he married?
    Tess Bladies

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