Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup: Christmas wars; Jesus as Occupier?; Obama on LGBT rights

At the urging of a local radio host (always the best counselors), a troop of Rhode Islanders burst into the Statehouse and interrupted a children’s choir by loudly singing “O Christmas Tree” during a tree-lighting ceremony.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee had said he wanted to honor religious diversity by calling the Statehouse Spruce a “Holiday tree,” and suggested that would-be Christmas Warriors do something nice, like feed the poor, instead of protesting.

Bishop Thomas Tobin did not take the advice, calling Chafee “divisive” and hosting his own tree-lighting ceremony.

NPR sat down with Santa Claus, who said that kids this year are asking for things like a job for daddy, or someone to buy their house.

Santa may not be at the OWS protests (he’s reportedly very busy this time of year) but Jesus would be there, says Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Read full post here.

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