Monday’s Religion News Roundup: Lowe’s boycott, invented Palestians; Mitt Romney’s wager

The introduction of the new Roman Missal was the top religion story of the year, according to a survey of Catholic News Service editors and reporters.

Unsurprisingly, Pope Benedict XVI was voted the top newsmaker, as he has been every year since 2006. The late JP2, somehow, snuck in at number four, preceding Sister Elizabeth Johnson, the theologian.

NCR’s John Allen says the Catholic priest shortage, which didn’t make the CNS list, is the most important Catholic story of our time.

B16 said he knows that Christmas this year will be “very difficult” for many families because of the faltering world economy.

Lowe’s pulled its ads from “All-American Muslim” after a Florida Christian group complained that the reality show is too pro-Muslim. Others called for a boycott of the big box store and Lowe’s promptly apologizedfor having “managed to make some people very unhappy.”

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