Friday’s Religion News Roundup: Pink Bibles, Tebowing and Gingrich on celibacy

Christopher Hitchens, the acid-tongued atheist and lovably roguish essayist, has met his maker (or not) at age 62. SaithRabbi Shmuley Boteach, a friend and sparring partner: “He was religion’s most vociferous enemy but you could not help but develop an affection for him due to his warmth, wit, and, bizarre as it may sound, humility.”

WaPo sits in on a choir practice at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, where the “gleaming flaxen bob” in the alto section belongs to none other thanCallista Gingrich. Speaking of, Newt says that if Catholic priests can choose to be celibate, so can the gays.
POTUS will be speaking to the nation’s largest Jewish movement this afternoon in Washington, and our own Lauren Markoe profiles the new president of the Union for Reform JudaismRabbi Rick Jacobs.

Howard Friedman’s Religion Clause is reporting that Congress passed a Pentagon spending bill that includes a line that military chaplains cannot be forced to officiate at same-sex weddings.

In Foggy Bottom, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted a summit this week on protecting religious minorities; it was a work-around to the resolutions against the “defamation of religion” that the U.S. finally managed to derail this year at the U.N.

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