Meet Tamara Milliken, our meditation and yoga contributor

Tamara Milliken

Tamara Milliken has been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years and teaching yoga and meditation for a little over four.  She received her training from Shoshoni, an ashram in Colorado and returns every other year to take a new training, her favorite by far, being the  meditation training.

“I attribute my yoga and meditation practice with helping me through my compassion fatigue in my full-time job as a caregiver to displaced youth,” she said. “Since finding a consistent yoga practice I have learned to detach from that which I can’t control, and to trust in the universe around me.”

Through SpokaneFAVS she said she hopes to share her insights on what meditation means to her, her ups and downs, and the benefits of the daily discipline.

“I have decided to title this blog: Om Ananda Atman   (it means blissful soul).  These words are tattooed on my back to remind me that no matter what kind of day I am having or what kind of space I am in, that there is always a part of me that is full of light and bliss,” Milliken said.



3 responses to “Meet Tamara Milliken, our meditation and yoga contributor

  1. I’ve always wanted to try yoga, but I never have. Maybe this blog will inspire me to give it a try. Thanks Tamara!

  2. I’ve always liked the Quietist movement in France during the 18th century, and I’ve been suspicious that its very similar to yoga meditation. I’m interested to hear more about it and find out if that’s true!

  3. I very much look forward to reading your blog and continuing to learn from you 🙂

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