SOPA stinks…the Internet, Economics and Freedom

By Blogger Pastor Eric Blauer

Pastor Eric Blauer

This postponed SOPA Internet legislation is bogus in my opinion. Copyright infringement is a bygone era issue. It’s the irrational fear of a business system built on faulty mercantile based economic thinking.

Posting links, clips, pics and songs online are like Costco samples: do a lot of people browse and nibble for a meal? Probably. But more people taste and see that it’s good and go purchase the product.

The Internet baiting is like chumming for consumers, it creates more appetite than it fills. It sets more hooks than any coupon, print ad or billboard ever did.

The net is advertiser heaven – a perpetual buffet of goods at the fingertips of potentially millions of customers. Instead of a teetotaler mindset producers and providers need to embrace the evolution of the marketplace.

Artists and sellers benefit from visionary capitalists like Apple and Amazon. These companies in turn benefit from the blogosphere and every other online angler’s media bait. The consumer is rewarded with a new shopping universe  based on greater access through sampling, test driving and deep discounts.

These are able to be provided by the Internet’s little overhead, the miracle of consumer-proliferated free advertising and the omnipresent reality of the online peddler of 24/7 goods.

Instead of reverting into backward-thinking Prohibitionists, Congress should embrace a true libertarian business ethos and maintain and protect the economic powerhouse the freedom of the Internet has unleashed.


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