What you can expect in 2012

By Tracy Simmons

Hiya readers,

The past few months have been busy ones. Since August, we’ve launched this Construction Diary, have recruited 27 bloggers (and counting) to write for us, and one-by-one have been letting Spokanites know about SpokaneFAVS.

Tracy Simmons

Behind the curtains, it’s been even busier. Our talented designers and web gurus are chipping away at creating the official website. I’ve seen pieces of it and I can confidently say you’re in for a wonderful surprise. This measly blog is nothin’ compared to what’s ahead.

Our administrative staff has picked two locations for our sister sites. Religion News Wilmington (North Carolina)  is in the works and soon we’ll be working on Religion News Columbia (Missouri). And in 2012 even more sites will be rolling out!

So what can you expect in the coming year? Well, for one, you’ll be seeing a lot more local stories! I’m going home to Texas for the holidays, but when I get back I’m snatching up my pen and notepad and hittin’ the streets! I have a story list sitting above my desk with 18 items on it and am eager to start reporting. As editor of this site I obviously still have lots of administrative duties, but I finally have some time to write which I’m very much looking forward to. And our bloggers have lots of story ideas too!

Soon we’ll have tons of content for you to keep up with, which is why it may be easier to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and through our weekly newsletter.

Happy holidays everybody, I’ll see you next year!

– Tracy


4 responses to “What you can expect in 2012

  1. Tracy, safe travels and best wishes for a wonderful holiday in Texas. You’ve accomplished a lot since landing in Spokane to launch Religion News Spokane. It is exciting to be part of it.

  2. Thanks so much Lace! I can’t wait to read your posts and learn more about religion and language 🙂

  3. Hanane Neff-Loutf

    Tracy;) Have a wonderful time with your family.


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