Calling for weather photos

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By Tracy Simmons
Religion News Spokane

Radar image of Spokane at 8 a.m./National Weather Service

Forecasters are expecting the white stuff to fall all day. And all night. And all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. According to the National Weather Service, the snow may or may not let up for the weekend.

So, if you’re playing out in the snow with your kids snap a photo and send it to me. If you have scenic photos of your snow-covered yard or home, send me a pic! Or, if your clergy and had to go to work today, send me a photo of your church.

My hope is to gather your photos and put them into a slideshow on the blog. Who doesn’t like to look at snow photos, right?

Thanks everyone!

You can email them to me at


2 responses to “Calling for weather photos

  1. Love the car pic!

  2. Someone pointed out that it looks like a VW Beetle, but it’s really a Subaru

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