Meet Dr. Rob Snyder, our interfaith spirituality writer

Dr. Rob Snyder

Lots of religions are represented on SpokaneFAVS, so Rob Snyder will fit in perfectly as its new interfaith writer.

He is the interim director of the Interfaith House at Washington State University and an adjunct faculty in the philosophy department. He holds a doctorate in Chinese philosophy from the California Institute of Integral Studies and an M.A. in Christianity and Buddhism, also from CIIS. Snyder teaches courses on world religions, science and religion, Islam, and ethics at WSU. He gives workshops on dream work and spirituality. He offers classes on meditation at the Interfaith House.

Previously a Benedictine monk, he has trained as a spiritual director and practiced many different forms of spiritual disciplines. His passion in life is the spiritual journey and service to others on this journey. Snyder works with students, staff and faculty integrating the intellectual and spiritual life. He is committed to interfaith dialogue and the development of understanding of various religious and spiritual paths.



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