Meet Steve Hart, our church planting writer

Pastor Steve Hart

Pastor Steve Hart knows a thing or two about starting churches. In 2004 he planted the Vintage Faith Community, fulfilling his dream of, “seeing the good news of God’s grace do a subversive work of renewal in our city.”

He writes about “grace and the beautiful mess of church planting.”

He says, “I’ll write on whatever I’m dealing with in the context of starting and leading a new church, and in particular looking at how beautifully messy it is to live in a community of grace. It seems like in almost every sphere — from work to school to religion and beyond — we live in a culture of performance where my identity and sense of worth is a product of what I can do, who I know and how I measure up. Jesus invites us into a different kind of world, an upside-down kingdom, where I find my identity is a gift of what he has done for me. His work, his life, death and resurrection says that I’m worse than I’d ever own up to, but more loved than I can even begin to dream. The question for us as Christians is: How do we live together in that identity and in that kingdom?”

Hart grew up in central California and graduated from Whitworth University in 2000 with a degree in theology. He and his wife have five children.

Twitter: @vintagepastor


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