Everyone is beautiful

By Contributor Ernesto Tinajero

So, it has started.

My son was chosen to be the Guild School poster child. We agreed because we love the Guild School and what they done for my son.

We also are trying to combat what my wife has posted about before, the incessant chatter about my son’s looks. He loves people and many times people shy away.

We know he is beautiful. Seeing the image of God in all people remind us how beautiful everyone is.

We were just told that his commercial will start to run for the next month. Watch it and tell us what you think.

5 responses to “Everyone is beautiful

  1. Thanks for sharing, Ernesto and Lace! What a winning smile Tito has, reflecting God and God’s love! May he lead us all in giving to the Guild School to support the multitude of good work done by the loving hands and hearts there!

  2. Great choice on the part of the Guild School – Tito IS adorable and beautiful. We love the Guild School, too; our son attended there almost 30 years ago.

  3. Cute kid! ” ..the kingdom is spread around, but (many) humans can’t see it”.

  4. hananeneffloutf

    Nice to see you guys in this video. My kids still talk about Tito, they enjoyed playing with him.

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