Sneak Peek

When the site goes live in the Spring of 2012, we’ll have gobs of content for you to peruse.

It will include:

  • News, opinion and feature faith stories
  • Community contributors (bloggers, panelists)
  • Directory of houses of worship and faith-based organizations in the Spokane area
  • Multimedia presentations
Over the next few months we’ll give you a peek at some of these things, so keep checking back!
Preview of what you can expect with our live site:
Our Writers:

Zach Oxford-Romeike

Sicco Rood

Pastor Byron Corbett

Gracie Kiernan

Diane Kipp

R. Skyler Oberst

Daya Goldschlag

Rev. Liv Larson Andrews

Matt Wise

Pastor Steve Hart

Sam Fletcher

Rev. Alan Eschenbacher

Dr. Rob Snyder

Sr. Teresa Jackson

M.C. Paul

Jan Martinez

Rev. Jim CastroLang

Rev. Deb Conklin

Blogger Angie Funnell

Pastor Eric Blauer

Rev. Marj Johnston

Dr. Prabu David

Rev. Bill Ellis

Blogger Mark Kadel

Bruce Meyer

Laura Kipp

Pastor Craig Goodwin

Lace Williams-Tinajero

Daryl Geffken

Rev. Todd Ekloff

Dr. Karin Heller

Ernesto Tinajero

Pearce Fujiura

Thomas J. Brown

Rev. Martin Elfert

Tamara Milliken

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